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About Yoga Madhyama

Yog Madhyama embarks Yogis for the practice of Yoga Asanas, Philosophy and Meditation. Many students every year came from different parts of world, just to conquer new heights in Yoga Asanas, Meditation and Philosophy. Every student at Yog Madhyama get complete knowledge under the guidance of experienced trainers and spiritual guru.


Skilled Guides

Our Expert Trainer's guidance towards Physical and Mental Balance of life.

Holistic Wellness

Yogmadhyama offers holistic yoga practices for overall well-being.

Tranquill Enviroment

Practice in the Yoga capital of world for inner peace and focus.

Community Support

We believe in fastening Growth, Connections and Peace.

What you get at YOGMADHYAMA?


Yoga &


Vegan Meals

Airport Pickup

What our Numbers Say?

Discover inner peace and balance through yoga. Boost your mind, body, and soul with our holistic yoga services.

Students get Certification
500 +
Years of Experience
50 +
Total Branches
Staff at Your Service
50 +

Our Spiritual Guru

Yogi Yogendra Mishra

Yogi Yogendra Mishra is the inspiration for Yog Madhyama. He is a renowned educator, philosopher, meditation specialist and the greatest yoga prodigy of the modern era. With 35 years of experience, the respected Guru ji is a pioneer in the community of Yoga. In all aspect, he is a true Indian Yogi. He has spent an enormous amount of time of life in meditation in The Himalayas. He is a spiritual master who has expertise in every asanas of yoga and philosophy, so to speak. People consider him as their true inspiration.

He serves his advises to various no. of international institutions. He is The ISKCON’s lifelong Patron. He appeared on various TV shows and had his name mentioned in various publications on Yoga and Meditation. He has traveled all over the world to attend several occasions to spread the mission and vision of yoga. He has a large following of yogis, practitioners and students from every part of the globe. He is known and respected as true patreon of Yoga and Meditation because of his noble behavior, which results him everyone’s respect and admiration. He radiates a charismatic and heavenly charm, resembling a true Indian Yogi.

Guru ji's Impeccable Journey in field of Yoga & Culture

Yogi Yogendra Mishra acquired his MA Degree in Philosophy from Agra University, then completed his B.P.Ed. in Physical Education from Amaravati Universit. The Kaivalyadham Institute for Science and Philosophical Research honored Guru ji with D.Y.Ed. in Yoga Education. He is a certified yoga teacher from the University Grants Commission (UGC). After attaining knowledge of yoga and meditation under the guidance of many enlightened gurus while living and practicing Yoga and meditation in the Himalayas for many years, Yogi Yogendra Mishra arrived in Rishikesh to create revolution in the Yoga Capital. He implemented the techniques of well-known Yogis like Swami Sivananda and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

World Tours done by Acharya Yogendra ji

  • He made numerous trips to the United States from 2007 to 2017. He has served as an helping hand  for raising awareness of Yoga and Philosophy in American people’s culture. He is both B1 and B2 visa holder. In the United States, he is a contributor in establishment of various yoga schools.
  • He traveled to Canada between 2008 to 2013. There, he taught yoga retreat sessions and conducted numerous seminars. In addition, he has broadcast numerous radio and television programs in Canada.
    He has been in The United Kingdom as well. He appeared in multiple international seminars as a motivational speaker. He is considered as global yoga pioneer and practitioner.
  • He made three trips to Japan in between 2007 and 2011.He had a major role in promoting yoga to Japan. He had innovated various new techniques of Yoga Asanas.
  • From 1998 till the present, he has made multiple trips to several European nations, including Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Kazakhstan. In all of them, he has contributed to the awareness and consciousness of yoga. He is truly an unparalleled master of yoga. A Yoga teacher beyond comparison.
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